Best “Text Game” On The Planet – I want to keep this brief so we can get to the good stuff, but I want you to know just how much went into the development of this program. I’ve been on a journey of self development for fifteen years, improving my dating life.

I used to be awful with women, probably exponentially worse than you are right now. But, after years and years of constant failure and rejection I woke up one morning, wiped the sleep out of my eyes, looked in the mirror and thought, “What kind of poor excuse for a man are you?”


I made a solid commitment to myself to get my dating life sorted out once and for all. No more would women run away from me, no more would my limiting beliefs control my dating destiny, no more would my penis remain flaccid and unused — you get the idea.

After a few years of commitment I became pretty damn good at approaching women, meeting them, getting them to like me, and getting their phone numbers. The only problem was: I really sucked at texting. I had their numbers but I had nowhere to go from there.

I didn’t have any issues getting the numbers, but very few of those turned into actual dates. I had no idea how to text a woman, no idea how to make her want to see me again. I was sending messages like, “Hey what’s up?” and they just weren’t working for me. I felt frustrated.

I was doing all this work and getting nowhere. I was exasperated, I was disheartened and, most importantly, I was starving for sex. So, being the overly analytical guy that I am, I started studying what is now known in the dating world as “text game”.

I became obsessed with it, determined to master this vital skill. I researched everything I could get my hands on. I studied the greats of American literature, the best and worst romance novels, and the classiest and cheesiest Hollywood films.

I even studied million dollar marketing campaigns and the work of other dating experts. I devoured everything I had at my disposal. I sent women text messages that I thought would get a good reaction and I recorded all of my results.

Some texts worked like magic, some completely tanked. I spent years texting and tracking my results, figuring out what worked and what didn’t.

Eventually I came up with a list of texts, hundreds of them, that got the best responses and generated the most attraction in the quickest amount of time.

As a result, I discovered an incredibly simple system that could turn any number into a solid date even if I just met the girl earlier that day.

I became an expert at turning numbers into dates and dates into sex. I didn’t even have to call girls, I’d just use a few simple text messages, get her to meet me where I wanted, and have her eating out of my hand.

I went from turning 1 out of 10 numbers into dates, to turning 7 out of 10 numbers into dates. I was also able to escalate faster on the dates than ever before, and all because of the sexual frame I was creating through texting.

At the same time, I began teaching my own boot camps where I taught guys how to approach and attract women during the day. I taught them how to spark attraction, how to get girls to chase them, get a phone number and get sex on the same day.

During these events my students often asked, “What do I text this girl?” after they would get a number. So I began teaching my students some of my most powerful texting strategies, and guess what?

My students got the same success that I did! I realized that anyone could use these ideas and techniques to get the dates that they wanted.

In 2009, I decided that more men needed to benefit from my discoveries so I created The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls, which received amazing reviews and won several awards. Men all over the globe were singing my praises and telling me their success stories.

That guide taught guys how to be fun and playful so they could get dates; it told them how to stand out from all of the other guys texting her and how to handle any texting situation they found themselves in. It told them everything I had learned about the opposite sex and the texting game.

After the widespread success of The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls, which crowned me “King of Text Game” and “Best Text and Phone Game on the Planet”, I decided to take things even further. It was my goal to see how far I could take this, to see how many of her “hot buttons” I could push through texting.

Could I make a girl so horny that she’d want to skip the first date and rush straight into bed? Could women really get that turned on simply by reading a few text messages?

Could women actually fall in love because of a few messages? I was determined to find out and, as absurd as it may sound, the answer was a big fat yes.

My phone became my magic wand; it was able to do everything that I wanted, everything that I had yearned to do for so many years. Through my experiments and the persistence of trial and error, I found a formula for texting women that flat out worked.

Even though I’d already had a huge amount of success with texting in the past, I was shocked at how I could tap into a woman’s sexual desires using simple emotional texts, turning her on and getting her to think about me all day long. Women were getting hooked on me, with very little effort on my part. At that point I realized that texting could be a portal to a woman’s imagination.

I had the key to a secret doorway that ushered me inside the female mind, and let me tell you, a woman’s imagination can be very dirty if you know how to stimulate it the right way.

This course, and all of the information within, is that key. I am going to tell you what I have learned and give you the key to new women, new experiences and new possibilities.

Before we get to the really good stuff, I want to tell you what you can expect from using the principles and text messages contained within these pages.

If you previously purchased The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls, then Seduce Her With Text will be an in-depth extension of that guide, taking you far beyond what you previously learned.

I’ve added so much new material to this course that you may not even notice any similarities. Seduce Her With Text really is the crème de la crème of texting.