Crucial Core Concept: Sexual Attraction Sequence – Let’s talk more about which emotions you should be triggering and in what sequence.

There are four core emotions that, women need to feel from you before they will sleep with you. It is best to draw out these emotions in person, however, sometimes you don’t have that option and that is where texting comes in.

The Sexual Attraction Sequence

1. Fun (Tenderness)

The bottom line is: women want to go on dates with guys that bring them joy. They don’t want anyone dull, boring or lacking in humor.

When you repeatedly send texts that are funny, playful, random, quirky and make her smile, she will want to read your texts and will look forward to receiving them.

Every time she laughs or smiles it releases endorphins in her body, which are addictive chemicals that make her crave you. Furthermore, it convinces her that going on a date with you would be a lot of fun, since texting you is so fun.

2. Being A Challenge (Power)

It’s your job to initiate the interaction, but then you need to quickly get her invested in the interaction by sparking her interest and maintaining a level of uncertainty.

Once a woman knows that she’s hooked you, she will likely lose interest. It’s infinitely better to have the woman invested and chasing you than for you to constantly be chasing her.

You can be a challenge and make her chase you through the use of challenging questions and commands, and by displaying your dominance.

3. Trust (Tenderness)

Since sex is very emotional for women, they want to feel a connection towards a man and they want to trust him before they begin to open up sexually. Trust can be established through vulnerability, getting to know each other and allowing her into your world.

4. Desire (Power)

Women are sexual creatures, and if you can demonstrate sexual confidence whilst tapping into her wild side, look out!

Triggered through the use of descriptive sensual language (not too many guys are good at this one, but that’s why you’re reading this), sparking her desire will cause her to think lustful thoughts about you and can speed up the dating process exponentially.


In fact, when executed correctly, she may want to go straight to your bedroom and skip the date altogether. Are you ready to learn how to easily and effectively trigger these core emotions to make her hotter than two squirrels humping in a wool sock?

Of course you are, but first I have some important Texting Essentials that are absolutely vital for setting the stage for all the awesome principles and texts to come. This is what separates the masters from the amateurs