Why Texting Is The Perfect Tool To Turn Her On – Texting is a powerful tool for your proverbial tool belt that gives off dynamic signals of who you really are as a man.

It is a way for you to express the better parts of your personality, a way for you to win her heart, and to get her thinking about you when you’re not even in the same room.

It is a slow motion conversation, a way for you to think about what you’re going to say before you say it, the perfect opportunity to turn yourself into exactly the sort of man that she wants.

These days texting is the preferred method of communication for women in their 20’s and 30’s, and if you don’t learn how to properly flirt with women through text, you’ll be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Many women communicate solely through text and in order to get those women on dates, you have to adapt to their preferred method of communication. The reason women love texting so much is because there is no pressure to answer in a timely manner — or at all.

They can respond to you when it’s convenient for them, whereas in a phone call they have to decide right then and there if they want to talk to you at that exact moment.

For a woman, that’s a lot of pressure. People on the whole are talking less and less on their cell phones these days. A lot of women even think it’s weird and old fashioned to receive a call from a guy they just met.

If you’re still one of those guys that prefers to call, maybe because you prefer to hear their voice or you prefer the natural flow of conversation, then I understand and to some degree I agree with you, but you’re not trying to win my heart or to get me into bed (you’re probably not my type anyway).

So, forget about the phone calls; it’s time to adapt and use the technology of the day to your advantage. This is the information age, an age of technology, of abundance and of an unrelenting fast-paced society, and in this age, texting is king.

Texting is the fastest and most direct method of communication between two people. Texting, unlike email or calling, is instant and the woman is almost guaranteed to get your message, unlike calling where she has to accept your call.


Even if she is busy and even if she doesn’t respond straight away, you know she’ll see your message. People don’t always pick up the phone when someone calls, but they almost always check their text messages. People are obsessed with their phones.

They check their phones every minute of every day, and use them to call, to text, to browse the web and to post on social media. Since the screens are only a few inches in diameter, a woman can text to her dirty little heart’s desire without anyone — except the recipient — ever knowing.

Texting can be their sneaky way to create a private and intimate experience where they can say anything they want without the people around them knowing.

Texting is the perfect way for a woman to escape her mundane life and to get away from her boring job for a few moments, or leave her dull classroom to visit a limitless fantasy world that YOU can construct.

Texting is a powerful tool that can tap into a woman’s imagination, meaning that your little cell phone can become the ultimate instrument to manipulate her mind and turn her on at will.

With this powerful tool you can simply tap out a few characters on a screen and hit send, and within milliseconds that message bounces off a satellite in outer space, plunges into your cutie’s pocket and sends an exciting thrill through her body — assuming you used the techniques in this program, of course.

I know it’s hard to believe that a few words can be “digital arousal” for her, but think about this: Women savor and devour romance novels to the point where they have even been labeled, “Chick Crack” and “Girl Porn”.

Women get-off on the words within these books, so why wouldn’t they get-off on text messages on their phones? Texting, especially when used to evoke compelling emotions and specific feelings from a woman, is exponentially more powerful than some dull, poorly written, Harlequin novel; texting is interactive, whereas a novel is only onesided.

It’s like watching porn on your laptop versus having sex with a beautiful woman. Which would you prefer? It’s obvious, right? You’d go for the porn every time. I’m joking, of course you’d choose the beautiful woman. Sex and texting are both interactive, unlike porn or reading a book.

Most men are completely oblivious of just what that electronic instrument in their pocket is capable of. You are about to possess a very powerful tool that most men don’t even know exists, and it’s right there in the palm of your hand.

In the next section you will see a clear representation of the success you can expect as you begin to master the principles contained within this program. Texting Messaging Statistics: · People spend more time writing text messages than they do on the phone. ·

Girls text almost three times as much as they talk on the phone. · Typically, text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received and are responded to within an hour. · Women text more than men. · The peak hours for texting are between 9:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. ·

Women are searching for “dirty text” terms on the internet 5-times more than men: Average monthly searches for “dirty texts to send a guy” is 580 Average monthly searches for “dirty texts to send a girl” is 110 · Text conversations miss out on nearly 93% of the input that face-to-face interactions have, due to the lack of voice tonality, body language and facial expressions. – Albert Mehrabian